My name is Eugene. Hello, and welcome to my blog! I would say that when the thought: "Wow, I did something unique and incredible!" — comes to my head — I can't wait to share it with the whole world!😊

In my blog you can find posts about my main hobbies:

  • I love IT! You'll often find me at the computer keyboard doing all kinds of interesting, funny and crazy tech stuff. For instance, I recently had a chance to compile my new PalmOS application, written in Java 1.5, which was a great challenge. I also had the opportunity to solder an extension 2K board to the motherboard of my notebook, which was really exciting. And then I'll write a really detailed text about these things.
  • Photography — since digital cameras were invented, I can carry another one small computer with a big lens with me. And I would like to think what this is so cool! Also, shooting a nice photos and processing them in RawTherapee is an absolute blast for me! I absolutely love doing street photography, shooting birds and nice mechanisms on film or digital camera.
  • Bicycle. There are no computers on it (except for the cycling computer). But it makes pedaling meditative. And it's always a great idea to get some exercise when you have a sedentary job!
  • Leathercraft is the best part! In my personal life, when I can do something with my hands — it is the best thing ever for my mental health. Also, it is really enjoyable, when I get something tangible as a result, not just an ephemeral abstraction in code inside a Git repository.